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Sideband Analysis with Lock-in Amplifiers

on 27.02.2014 at 20:10 by Sadik on Blog of Sadik Hafizovic
When a sinusoidal waveform is periodically modulated in either amplitude or frequency sidebands are generated as a result of this carrier modulation. These sidebands can be measured using a lock-in amplifier. Zurich Instruments lock-in amplifiers (HF2LI and UHFLI) can measure […]

ω/2 Demodulation for a Parametric Oscillator

on 27.02.2013 at 10:04 by James Wei on Blog of James Wei
We often get questions from HF2LI lock-in amplifier customers who characterize MEMS and sometimes from those doing AFM scans on how to measure at half reference frequency using a lock-in amplifier. Half reference frequency lock-in measurement is often necessary when […]

Arbitrary Input Scaling and Units in Lock-in Amplifiers

on 13.12.2012 at 11:01 by James Wei on Blog of James Wei
Ever wonder how you can read your measurement data in ziControl in the unit that you want and not just in voltage? Do you know how you can take the gain or loss introduced outside your HF2 device into consideration […]

Pseudoheterodyne Detection in Optics

on 15.09.2011 at 15:56 by Andrin on Blog of Andrin Doll
There is a new application note about pseudoheterodyne detection in nearfield optics. The application has also relevance for laser spectroscopy. Hereafter are a few personal comments about phase sensitive detection in optics, as I participated in the described experiments.