Upgrade from pre 14.02 “Zurich Instruments HF2” LabVIEW Driver to “Zurich Instruments LabOne” LabVIEW Driver

With release the 14.02 of the Zurich Instruments LabOne software, the LabVIEW driver was reworked so that it is compatible with all Zurich Instruments products. At the same time it was renamed from “Zurich Instruments HF2” to “Zurich Instruments LabOne”. In the development of the new LabVIEW driver care was taken to stay as compatible to previous driver versions as possible. Only little changes are required in order to upgrade your vi’s to LabOne.

The main improvements of the 14.02 LabVIEW driver are

  • Zurich Instruments UHFLI support
  • Improved performance of data acquisition routines
  • Rename from “Zurich Instruments HF2” to “Zurich Instruments LabOne”
  • New vi ziPollDataEx.vi, which works in conjunction with ziGetEvent.vi and supports more data types
  • Polymorphic vi ziGetEvent.vi
  • Polymorphic vi ziSetValue.vi

Upgrade to 14.02 or later Version of the Zurich Instruments LabVIEW Driver


The upgrade procedure requires two steps. First the new Driver needs to be installed, second your vi’s need to be upgraded. Here, I presume that you have installed the latest LabOne software obtainable at  http://www.zhinst.com/downloads.

Installation of the latest Zurich Instrument LabOne LabVIEW Driver

It is important that any “Zurich Instruments HF2” LabVIEW driver or any installed older version of the Zurich Instruments LabVIEW driver is deleted. This accounts for the installed driver at “C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW YYYY\instr.lib\Zurich Instruments HF2” as well as for any other location because LabVIEW might search and find the old driver vi’s without you noticing it.

Copy the directory “Zurich Instruments LabOne” from “C:\Program Files\Zurich Instruments\LabOne\API\LabVIEW” into the instr.lib folder of your LabVIEW installation. The default installation location for your LabVIEW X.X should be “C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW YYYY\instr.lib” .


Zurich Instruments LabOne LabVIEW Driver installation

Copy the new LabVIEW driver from the Zurich Instruments LabOne directory to the LabVIEW\instr.lib directory.

After copying the “Zurich Instruments LabOne” directory and restarting LabVIEW, you should find the vi’s in the LabVIEW functions palette under “Instrument I/O” -> “Instrument Driver” -> “Zurich Instruments LabOne”.


Upgrading your vi’s

When the updated LabVIEW Driver is installed, you can proceed to open your vi, change all the references to Zurich Instruments vi’s and save your LabVIEW project. To change the references of any of your vi’s, just open your it. LabVIEW will then look for the old LabVIEW driver but will not be able to find it. If LabVIEW doesn’t find anything, it will prompt you to look for a replacement. Choose the vi with the same name from the Zurich Instruments LabOne LabVIEW driver as shown below.


Zurich Instruments LabOne upgrade

Replace references to “Zurich Instruments HF2/*” by “Zurich Instruments LabOne/*”

After your vi was opened successfully, save it in order to preserve the changes.