Plots for Scientific Publications

For scientific publications the figure style has to follow exactly the style guide of the publisher. Following example should help you to set the figure size and font correctly.

% Example how to adjust your figure properties for
% publication needs

s = figure;
% Select the default font and font size
% Note: Matlab does internally round the font size
% to decimal pt values

set(s, 'DefaultTextFontSize', 10); % [pt]
set(s, 'DefaultAxesFontSize', 10); % [pt]
set(s, 'DefaultAxesFontName', 'Times New Roman');
set(s, 'DefaultTextFontName', 'Times New Roman');
% Select the preferred unit like inches, centimeters,
% or pixels

set(s, 'Units', 'centimeters');
pos = get(s, 'Position');
pos(3) = 8; % Select the width of the figure in [cm]
pos(4) = 6; % Select the height of the figure in [cm]
set(s, 'Position', pos);
set(s, 'PaperType', 'a4letter');
% From SVG 1.1. Specification:
% "1pt" equals "1.25px"
% "1pc" equals "15px"
% "1mm" would be "3.543307px"
% "1cm" equals "35.43307px"
% "1in" equals "90px"